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Aachen, Germany — Exit November 2004 — AIXPLAIN AG was a German corporation founded in 2000, developing human language technologies that are self-learning. Part of the offering was machine translation and automatic speech recognition. AIXPLAIN AG was formed as a spin-off from

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London, UK and Aachen, Germany — Exit September 2007 — AIXISTANCE Ltd. was founded in 2003 is a global software development and information technology outsourcing company with headquartes in London, UK, with offices in Aachen, Germany and with worldwide partnerships to specialized

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aixtyle GbR

Aachen, Germany — aixtyle is a consulting and development company founded in 2002 in Aachen, Germany, specializing on product and technology design in general, but in particular design of novel technological solutions, as well as on optimizing management, logistics, finance and

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Sawaf & Co. Inc., Sawaf UG, Sawaf Ventures LLC

Leesburg, VA and Aachen, Germany — Sawaf & Co. Inc., Sawaf UG are a consulting companies, primarily to support the Sawaf Venture LLC’s portfolio with marketing, business development and networking, and with diverse other human resources in the technical area. In addition to

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