IdenTV LLC (aka “Tivvy”)

McLean, VA — Tivvy is a new way to interact with and share the best moments from your favorite shows. Get more info about the show or actors you are watching – without ever typing a letter into a search bar. Just frame your TV screen in the Tivvy app on your phone or tablet, and Tivvy will figure out what you are watching.

Tivvy allows you to instantly pull up information about the show you are watching. Where did you last see that actor? What are the latest stats? And much, much more.

See it? Want it? Buy it! With e-commerce integration, you can buy the jersey, the download, or the DVD box set, right from the Tivvy app, without using a search box.

Did you see that? More importantly, did your friends see it? With Tivvy, you can immediately share a clip of your favorite moments in a show via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. If you loved it, share it.

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